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Protect your best interests, your family, and your legacy with our complete probate services. By establishing a clear and definitive estate plan with our legal support, you can ensure that your wishes and special requests are honored by your family, the government, and all interested parties.


Your estate plan goes beyond the creation of a will. You can depend on our dedicated attorneys to walk you through the entire estate planning process including the creation of your will, establishment of various trusts, and designating various powers of attorney.


Additionally, we are available for full probate representation and support after a loved one's passing.

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Frances L. Martin

• Simple and complex will creation

• Establishment of revocable, irrevocable, and charitable trusts

• Structure of family partnerships

• Estate and probate administration

• Designation of powers of attorney

• Representation in probate matters

Complete estate planning and probate services

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Establishing a comprehensive estate plan goes beyond your own peace of mind. It helps ease the probate process for your loved ones in the future, easing their stress and allowing them to focus their efforts on the grieving process and supporting each other in their

time of need.


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